Broken Promises!
Where is the love?

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This daring , thought provoking and very timely documentary reveals the truth about our education system, why in most cases, it is failing both young people and our society.
What’s even more alarming about the current education system, is that it leaves millions of students behind, never realizing their true potential.

Budget Cuts...teacher layoffs...elimination of creative arts programs while illiteracy, gang involvement, violence and
high school dropout rates are on the rise...

This film exposes the percolating emotions and gives kids and teachers hope for a better future.. Solutions from the inside out.

We can change it!
Kids are our future!


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Schools crying out for more money
...$6Billion returned to Washington? What could that amount be today?

WASHINGTON, DC - States collectively returned more than $66 million in unused federal education funds to the U.S. Treasury last year instead of spending it on students and schools, and they still have access to more than $6 billion in unused federal education funds dating back as far as the Clinton administration,
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&  Reforms are Needed to Prevent Financial Abuses that Cheat Children, Taxpayers, and Honest Grantees..
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To see how much money was returned from your state, click here. 

  Read what frustrated teachers, students
  and parents are saying:
(We acknowledge the hard work and the dedication of many educators and this effort is our way of helping them build the lives of students.)
"Sometimes I go inside classrooms to do some measurement while the class is in session. I noticed most of the times that the students do not  pay attention to the teacher because of obsolete methods of teaching used
(from last century). They need new computerized teaching system to  attract the students' attention (Education Reform)." Philip P.-School Contractor
"Dear fiend: Please help us. We need money from you. I need your help to buy new books for our library." Student Westside school.
"My school has no cafeteria, no athletic compound and no air-conditioning, these are just the major concerns."- F.S Teacher- inner city school.
"My teachers don't care about my education, all they care about is their pay check!" - Student inner city school.
"I have to spend my own money to buy pencils for the kids." - Volunteer-Westside school
"Somebody is working hard to keep kids out of Special Ed and not the other way around. It truly diminishes the good of those who are in the trenches actually helping  the kids. WHY, WHY, WHY?" -
A mother from Ca.
"I have been waiting to find a way to let parents know the tricks of schools in getting out of helping children in the Special Ed process, which is not even having the child tested to start with! They get out of all of it from the beginning and the parent has no clue what the school did. My child was one of them." - A mother from Georgia.
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"Life is a precious gift. Every human being on earth has a purpose, a passionate dream to succeed in life-to often, those dreams become stifled from a lack of opportunity for expression or resources. In reality, there is an abundance of resources for all, and we who have enjoyed the successes of our lives can make a difference in someone else's life through donating. I invite you to become one of our "genies" and help jump-start the life of a child at risk."
- Silva Mirzoian, Founder
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