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 Passions & Dreams Funding Inc.



Iraqi Born “GENI” Fulfills wishes of American & Iraqi youth and women


“Building Lives Through Building Bridges” from America to Iraq


Iraqi born Silva Mirzoian, Entrepreneur & Human Rights advocate, has been jump starting the lives of many American underserved youth and women since 1998.  Now this remarkable woman is extending her hand to empower the Iraqi women and children and asks you to join in.


The dreams of an American mother are the same as the dreams of an Iraqi mother for her children. As the holiday season approaches and Ramadan ends, it’s time to bridge the culture gap between the two nations and begin to heal the wounds of war.


         Iraqi women and children who have loved ones need your help now. They need children books, toys, pencils, pencil sharpeners, backpacks, shoes & Soccer balls.


Through collaboration with schools, Lifeusa.org, Arab American Chamber of Commerce & her non profit organization, Passions & Dreams Funding, Inc., Silva is launching her campaign, “Building Lives Through Building Bridges”, dedicated to overcoming the culture gap and fulfill the passionate dreams of Iraqi & American underserved youth and women. Her plans include collecting and delivering educational programs, educational books, children books, toys, shoes, blankets & funds to the Iraqi families by December 20th, 2004. 


Silva believes that, “When your life is blessed with opportunities of success, it is for the purpose of sharing it with others, guiding them towards their personal & financial success”. 

“Building Lives through Building Bridges” connects:     

·         The past & future

·         The different cultures, traditions & beliefs

·         Strengths & weaknesses

·         Dreams & resources

·         The fortunate & the underserved

·         Challenges & blessings


CREDENTIALS: Silva Mirzoian, author of ”JUMP-START YOUR LIFE: 7 Steps to Waking Up from “The Sleep-Walking Mode”, is Founder of a real estate brokerage and general contracting firm,  publishing & communication company, and a empowerment life developer who helps build lives in  the U.S. and Australia. Silva has straddled three different cultures and overcome personal obstacles to offer her personal knowledge and network of resources for physical, emotional, spiritual and financial empowerment. 


To Start “Building Lives Through Building Bridges” in your town contact Silva at 310 273 1019, or 310 488 4959 contact@passionsdreams.org  for more information visit www.passionsdreams.org

Text Box: “If everyone has the opportunity to build their lives, we would be able to end the destructive behavior that causes violence and abuse against women, children and animals. Life is a precious gift. Let’s not waste it in ‘The Sleep-Walking Mode’.” ---Silva