"The Sky's the Limit" After School Program together with the Gang of Hope!

Education is Power -
Constructive Action is Success!

Every child deserves to sleep in their own bed, in their own family home. Children are the best investment in our future."

"The Sky's the Limit!" after school program with the "Gang of Hope"®  influences positive change in the lives of students as they:

  • Discover who they are & how to increase self-love & self worth;
  • Learn how to set goals & design their blue print to success;
  • Work as a team and learn how to overcome challenges;
  • Understand leadership skills & how to connect with successful role models;
  • Discover the ways to bridge the gap between parent and child;
  • Learn and practice social communication skills;
  • Understand the importance of money, budgeting, having a good credit & skills to create wealth;
  • Increase their understanding and acceptance of different cultures, traditions & belief systems;
  • Connect with creative art programs and careers.


  • Join our "Gang of Hope"® - be a positive role model for a child. To learn how (Gang of Hope®) works, click here.
  • Donations help us turn the passionate dreams of women and children at risk into reality.

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"Life is a precious gift. Every human being on earth has a purpose, a passionate dream to succeed in life-to often, those dreams become stifled from a lack of opportunity for expression or resources. In reality, there is an abundance of resources for all, and we who have enjoyed the successes of our lives can make a difference in someone else's life through donating. I invite you to become one of our "genies" and help jump-start the life of woman or child at risk."
- Silva Mirzoian, Founder
Passions & Dreams Funding

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