With generous contributions, we have helped thousands of
Women & Children.
Currently providing "The Sky's the Limit" After School Program
  to teens at the Challenger Boys & Girls Club in
             Los Angeles.                 

The best way to end homelessness from our society is to help a woman become financially secure. Helping her to establish a new career or home based business.
Jump-Start Your Life-
Self-empowerment courses that unlock the tools and the steps to working and creating your dream lifestyle.
Teaching the ways to turn an experience/gift/talent or a hobby into a career or a business takes work, but we can do it!
Partial Success List:
T.Brown-Inspector; G. Corbin-Security Officer; B.Juniel-Flower Mart; J.Bassl-Asbestos Worker; D. Hernandez-Customer Service Rep; C. Martinez-Parking Attendant; R. Arroyo-Administrative Assistant; Y. LiLiu-Data Management; M. Thompson-Street Outreach; C. Shemrman-Security Officer; S. Sandoval-Clerk; R.Smith-Nurse Case Manager; S.Green-Security; J. Stevens-Cashier/Housekeeping; C. Nash-Grounds Maintenance; J. Jensen-Maintenance; C.Ponds-Auto Mechanic;M. Perez-Custodial; J. Lavenhouse-Education Aide II; T. Anderson-Intake Assistant; B. Quinn-Stylist;





Tools and programs that develop self-reliance life skills, improve  attitude, cultivate empowering relationships, financial literacy, secure employment, focus on building a professional future and graduate from school.
 1. The Sky's the Limit -
After school programs that focuses on leadership training and creative arts programs.
  2. "Gang of Hope"®-
 Connecting  children with positive role models and mentors, giving kids hope to discovering their possibilities in life. Gang of Hope is one way to reducing the students drop out rates from high school.
Why we created Gang of Hope? Because teachers and students asked for it! watch video.




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"Life is a precious gift. Every human being on earth has a purpose, a passionate dream to succeed in life-to often, those dreams become stifled from a lack of opportunity for expression or resources. In reality, there is an abundance of resources for all, and we who have enjoyed the successes of our lives can make a difference in someone else's life through donating. I invite you to become one of our "genies" and help jump-start the life of woman or child at risk."
- Silva Mirzoian, Founder
Passions & Dreams Funding

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